NSC Sport and Recreation Virtual Expo Aims to be Largest Australian Trade Expo with Solutions Focused on Post COVID Re-building

by National Sports Convention | October 14, 2020 | News

The National Sports Convention (NSC) Sport and Recreation Exhibition 2020 will be part of the NSC Forums in Sydney and Melbourne in November providing unique opportunities for Australia’s community sport, recreation and play sectors suppliers, providers and peak bodies to exhibit virtually this year.

Due to COVID-19’s restrictions on gatherings, the NSC has pivoted this year to provide two, one day Forums to explore what the post-COVID world will look like for community aquatic, leisure, play and sports organisations. The NSC is committed to continue to ‘connect the dots’ between the industry and suppliers by offering a virtual NSC Sport and Recreation Expo for the week of the Forums.

The focus of the NSC Forums will be ‘Reconnecting Physical Activity, Play, Recreation and Community Sport’ and how to do that – which is an ideal opportunity for the industry’s Commercial Partners to connect the dots for their industry clients in a manner that provides them with solutions post-COVID.

It is expected that 600+ virtual delegates will join the NSC Forums to complement 100 expected delegates attending in Sydney. Recognising that the Melbourne Forum delegates will have to wait until late October to confirm if the NSC Forum can happen in person. Brisbane has been postponed until March and we will be working with QSport to make that happen then. Key Brisbane speakers are now integrated into the Sydney and Melbourne Forums and the 100 virtual delegates will have their delegate passes transferred to the Sydney and Melbourne virtually.

The Sport and Recreation Virtual Expo will offer some unique opportunities for commercial partners to connect with industry delegates including:

  • Virtual Exhibition – Each Exhibitor will be provided an online platform for them to present to the industry, over the NSC Forums week (9th – 11th November), opportunities for online delegates to connect and appreciate what each supplier has to offer the sector post-COVID and how they can help them re-energise their facilities, their organisation or services being delivered.
    • Each exhibitor can be assigned up to three Expo categories (e.g. aquatics and recreation facilities, community sport equipment, technology, etc) so that they can appear in more than one grouping for the delegates to view in the “Virtual EXPO Hall”
  • Connect to Delegates – See delegates and request “connections and meetings with them” while they are at the NSC Forums and ability for delegates to connect with each exhibitor.
  • Knowledge Sharing – The secret to success of the virtual EXPO’s will be the ability of each exhibitor to be able to attract the delegates by promoting their unique offering and we are keen to assist the exhibitors including providing them with the ability to record and share a short video, provide downloadable content and link to their webpage.
    • The delegate need to appreciate why they need to ‘visit’ each stand, so we are asking each exhibitor to share some knowledge on how you can help them…as there are no walk by’s so we will promote the unique opportunities you can offer, which will encourage delegates to the exhibitors who are investing the time and effort to attract the delegates.
    • Each category will have an EDM campaign distributed in the week prior and during the Forums week, to the NSC network of over 6,000 industry named individuals. The focus of each of the EDM’s will highlight and celebrate the virtual exhibitor’s approach and solutions post COVID.

Martin Sheppard, Convenor of the NSC said “As we pivot this year we are committed to providing solutions and opportunities for the industry and the virtual Expo is one aspect of that. We are really excited about the way we have designed the Virtual Sport and Recreation Expo to allow the delegates to see the exhibitors by industry category, by name and then by clicking through they can have access to video presentations, downloadable material, links to the websites and ability to have virtual meetings. The NSC Forums is all about solutions to reconnect the sector post COVID… the virtual Sport and Recreation Expo embraces the same passion for providing solutions. We are very grateful to DCE Engineers who are “powering” this innovative approach for the industry.”

The NSC Sport and Recreation Virtual Expo will also be on offer for a further eight months the Virtual Expo will become an Industry Supplier Directory for the rest of the year which will be aligned with key membership peak bodies. Register your interest now to secure one of the spots by emailing Martin Sheppard at [email protected] who will provide the details on the offering.